🔪 Thanksgiving Dinner Soulfood Menu 🍣🍲🍛🍜🍚🍞🍖🍗🍮🍰

Stop wondering about what should be on your Thanksgiving dinner menu. For this years Thanksgiving Holiday, my suggestion is to stick to the basics and serve a traditional Thanksgiving dinner consisting of a main course, side dishes and desserts.
You can’t go wrong if you stick to tradition a serve long time favorites like as Roasted Turkey, Baked Ham, Mashed Potatoes, Turkey Gravy, Cornbread Dressing, Cranberry Sauce, Macaroni & Cheese, Collard Greens, Candid Yams, Pumpkin Pie, Sweet Potato Pie and Red Velvet Cake. 😁 Oh, my mouth is water just from reading that list of foods. As a read through the list memories are flashing through my mind bring forth a mix of emotions of years past. I can still remember all the ladies of my family gathered around in the kitchen each preparing their signature recipe that would be showcased during the holiday meal.Back then they all put some much time, effort, and love into preparing their dishes. You can do the same this year for you family. I’m sure they will really appreciate you when the take the first bit of food.

Below you will find a complete menu / listing of the Thanksgiving Recipes that I recommend you cook this Thanksgiving Holiday.

The SoulFood Thanksgiving Day Menu 🍴

  Roasted Turkey

  Honey baked ham

  Mashed Potatoes

  Turkey Gravy

  Corn Bread Dressing

  Cranberry Sauce

  Macaroni and Cheese

  Collard Greens Recipe

  Candied Yams

  Pumpkin Pie

  Sweet Potato Pie

  Red Velvet Cake

Oh by the way, I served this same thanksgiving menu many years ago and the results are still being talked about by my family members. 

Like yesterday, I can vividly remember the adults fighting over the last peice of honey baked ham.  The kids kept begging for more dessert until the sweet potato pie and red velevt cake was completely eaten. 

You will enjoy this Thanksgiving dinner menu for many years to come.

Need more soul food thanksgiving recipes?

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Thanksgiving Table Traditional

Set the Stage

Tired of paper turkey and cornucopia centerpieces? Simple floral arrangements in a crimson, peach and yellow color palette dress up your elegant china table, while amber and dark brown accents keep the look grounded and harken to that fall harvest theme. Dress your Thanksgiving table with cheery fall harvest colors and seasonal imagery in a way that still feels fresh.

Golden Plates

Gold-rimmed china and glassware and two-tone gold-and-stainless flatware add a glitzy pop while reinforcing the autumnal tones. Cluster amber-hued votives between the floral arrangements to add more color to the table and then light to add instant ambiance.

Fall Harvest Centerpieces

To build your own fall harvest centerpieces, choose a mix of classic flowers (roses and calla lilies) and combine with seasonal fruits, textured foliage and surprising brights, like these yellow mini button pom-pom chrysanthemums.


Pretty Profile

Textured urns in various shades of cream and brown add an earthy touch to an otherwise very formal table. Line taller vases such as these with oasis floral foam (easy to find at any craft store) to elevate flowers and anchor them in place within the arrangement.

Peachy Keen

Group roses in small clusters and balance textures and colors when arranging flowers so that the eye continues to dart around. Sprigs of millet and wheat poke out the top, breaking up the roundness of the arrangement, while bristly rubekia pods add texture and drama.

Fruits of Fall

Mini pomegranate clusters and bunches of hypericum berries nod to the classic cornucopia imagery. The berries make great anchors for the arrangement as they cascade over the side of the vases artfully. Handle them with care, though — they are very fragile and will burst easily.